About us

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Poune Asset Management is a boutique consultancy firm created in 2010 and focusing on how to make Property Investment and Management a better deal for investors and stakeholders whilst addressing people- and environment-friendly issues.

We offer our services to Property Investment Funds worldwide as uncorrelated diversification to their core investments, and to High Net Worth Individuals in the development and management of their UK property portfolios.

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We consider that we need to create growth, not just follow it. Bold visions are essential to fuel hope, energise capacity and extend reach to what might be.

Before something becomes conventional, one has to think unconventionally as it takes foresight and global perspective to stay ahead of the game.

Adversity is common place, but things worthwhile don't come easy; one needs the vision to see what is possible and the resolve to drive it through.

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We want to put ourselves into the position of blazing a new trail that others may follow as sometimes the road to success is not a road yet.

And in the process we want to become a reference in our trading industry globally.

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Our investment strategies are based primarily on high yields from the outset, and only then on potential equity to be gained eventually.

That's because we want our clients and partners to know what they have today, and not only what they could/should/maybe/perhaps have tomorrow.

Needless to say, we do provide an increase of the capital base eventually, but our investments are focused  on highest IRR achievable.


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