We thrive in managing properties in the best possible way, meeting both landlord's and tenant's expectations, and ensuring as much as possible a peaceful and rewarding relationship for all parties involved.

Clearly, you will not find us on the High Street.
Because this is not where we belong.

But yes, you might find us through Private Banking and Wealth Management departments of specialised banks and family offices. Because this is where we do business, this is where our clients are.

We willingly keep a low profile and deliver dedicated services to High Net Worth investors int the management of their Property Portfolio.

We know time management is essential to you, and we are here to support you, not to hamper your activities.

So, we make ourselves available any time, any place and anywhere.
Because we are where you need us, and when you need us.

We have developped an extended network of vetted business providers reaching nearly anywhere in the UK. With them, we cover everything you need, from Property Management to marketing, letting and selling; from refurbishments however complex they are to full interior design, and even from cash management to tax matters if needed.

We are always in a position to act swiftly, directly or through our partners, and according to your needs and instructions.

Our Lettings Services

For Landlords and Tenants

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Details of our services

Lettings services

Lettings Service

What you will find with us.


Finding a Home

Looking to rent a property?

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Landlord's Peace of Mind

Rent guarantee, long lease, no void periods, no bills, etc

Corporate and Relocation

Corporate & Relocation

Our services.

Diplomatic services

Diplomatic Service

Our services.

Interior Design

Interior Design

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When dealing with us

Useful to know

What else can we say?

Why is it so?

  • Yes, we are very thorough when setting up new mandates or new tenancy agreements, or any kind of contract for that matter.
  • Yes, we are demanding when we ask now for relevant documentation we might only need later on.
  • Yes, if we cannot collect essential documents such as safety certificates in a timely manner, we will make sure to get them from vetted contractors even if you already have them.
  • Yes, we are not cheap. Cheap is ugly. We are extremely good value for money, and despite this, we manage to be markedly less expensive than most high street property managers in London.
  • And Yes, if you like things straight and ethical, you will love us.

Because in order to meet our legal obligations, time is of the essence.

And simply because it is our purpose to make sure responsibilities are met from all Parties involved. Landlords want yields and to build equity; meanwhile tenants pay their rent and expect to live in a safe and decent home.

Failings from either Party jeopardise everything, and what should have been smooth sailing can degenerate into a storm of epic proportion. A costly storm.

So, please forgive us if we may appear sometimes a little bit insistent, but this is for the better good of everyone involved.

Additional Information

Accreditation, Complaint Resolution, Code of Practice

Because we believe in integrity, credibility and professionalism, Poune Asset Management is a voluntary member of the following codes of practice. These memberships provide sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants with an assurance that they will receive the highest level of customer service.



We are a member of the PRS - Property Redress Scheme

This guarantees free, fair and independent service for dealing with unresolved disputes between sales and letting agents and consumers who are landlords or tenants of residential property in the UK.

DPS logo

Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme

We are member of Deposit Protection. Under the provisions of the UK Housing Act 2004 every landlord, letting agent or managing agent that takes a Deposit for an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) in England and Wales must join a tenancy deposit scheme.

Arla Propertymark logo

ARLA - Propertymark

Previously known as National Federation of Property Professionals Awarding Body

Poune Asset Management is putting in place a company policy ensuring that all of our staff have at least a Level 3 Technical Award in an area related to letting and property management. We support our staff to consolidate their technical know-how with industry-recognised qualifications and/or degrees.