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Supporting Street Children & Female Education through Economic Empowerment

Dakar school

Founded in 2011, the purpose of Hope Meets Art is to raise funds to support a charity in Dakar, Senegal. This charity:

  • Focuses on social and family reintegration for street children. It also brings them much needed free basic health care and facilities where to clean up and rest in a safe environment.
  • Offers education to teenage females (alphabetisation and sewing skills) allowing them to sustain themselves and their families. These young adults often are single mothers too.

This hope was born out of a mixture of colourful African fabrics, dyed by young females from the charity centre in Dakar. Their creativity and the brilliance of African colours has already brought to fruition three fashion collections for children.

  • Summer 2011: Photoshoot at Somerset House
  • Winter 2011: Catwalk and auction at Southside House, Wimbledon
  • 2012, 2013: various small scale fund raising
  • Winter 2014: Photoshoot at Southside House
  • Spring 2015: Catwalk and auction at Hay Hill gallery, Mayfair
  • Spring 2016: Catwalk at Baden Powell House, South Kensington
  • Spring 2017: Catwalk and Theatre Play at Baden Powell House, South Kensington
  • Spring 2018: Catwalk at Baden Powell House, South Kensington
Women sewing

The latest fund raising took place in May 2015 at the Hay Hill Gallery in Mayfair, and was a major success.

Actually, the fund raising took place over 9 months with first Art workshops (embroidery, choir, painting and photography) for children animated by professionals leading up to the Fashion Show in itself.


During the gathering, Hope Meets Art offered drinks and canapés, live music to open the evening. Then the Collection catwalk with live African tunes, a silent auction of the dresses on display followed by a live auction animated by Christies of luxury prizes donated to the charity. Finally, a raffle of luxury fashion items also donated to Hope Meets Art.

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