Diversified, un-correlated property investments

Focusing on yields and immediate returns

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Optimising gains takes more than just following market trends. We believe that one of the best ways to achieve investment success is by knowing something that others don’t, and swiftly act on it.
The answer to proper investment is not only in riding market waves and perfecting a craft, but also in knowing something others don't, yet, and put it to good use.

In that respect, leadership is paramount.
The most skilled professionals need to be given a bearing to be of best use and efficiency in the same way a great army is of little use without an outstanding general, or a race car is useless without a properly skilled driver.


Dealing with Commercial, Offices, Retail and industrial assets

  • We offer our partners our expertise in their investments into Commercial properties and their management.  We can source opportunities and assess their financial viability factoring in our clients' specifications, arrange financing and close deals;  we then optimise those assets (internal fittings and / or refurbishment) and let them out. Finally we manage the leases and deal with tenants' queries.
  • We also offer our services for Residential blocks which are of a complex nature (high rises etc) or very exclusive with special specifications associated to the very high profiles of their residents (heightened security etc.)
  • As per our Residential Investment Strategies below, we follow the principles of the UNPRI and are keen to mitigate our impact on the environment.  We also maximise the use of "people friendly" material in our commercial investments, and incorporate as much as possible building features that make life more pleasant in an office environment.

Our Residential Investment Strategies


All our investment strategies are based on common principles:

  • Delivering the highest yields possible from the outset of the investment.
  • Building strong equity on a 10 to 12-year horizon.
  • Far above market level global returns on investment.
  • Mostly un-correlated investments from market fluctuations.
  • A low level of risk globally.
  • A potent diversification to existing property portfolios.


We offer our partners and stakeholders the following extra benefits:

  • Respect of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (UNPRI).
  • Deep reliance on sustainability and eco-friendly credentials in our buildings.
  • Fighting in-house pollution (use of non-toxic construction material)
  • Fighting Climate Change.
  • Lowering our Carbon Footprint


Our investment strategies have a deep impact on Community issues globally:

  • Health
  • Education
  • Domestic accidents
  • Domestic violence
  • Anti-social behaviours
  • Household's fuel poverty
  • Social reintegration
  • Fight against PTSD
  • Fight agains Veterans' homelessness
  • Supporting people with disabilities
  • Supporting elderly people

Bridging the Gap between High Yields and Housing Issues

1- UKMHF 11 2015 FrontPage

UK Micro Housing Fund

Part 1
Introduction to our Investment Strategy

UKMHF-2  11 2015.pptx

UK Micro Housing Fund

Part 2
Detailed insight of our Investment Strategy

UK Micro Housing Fund

Investment Strategy based on delivering very high yields whilst offering much needed shared housing options.

Eco-friendly, off-site manufacturing technologies, ethical and compliant with the United Nations PRI.

AHF1 CoverPage

Affordable Housing Fund

Part 1
Global presentation of our Investment Strategy

AHF2 CoverPage

Affordable Housing Fund

Part 2
In-depth exploration of our Investment Strategy

Affordable Housing Fund

Investment Strategy based on securing high yields (10%+) whilst offering mostly affordable housing.

Incorporates eco-friendly and off-site manufacturing technologies.

Some of our past Business Offers


Developing a Competitive Advantage

Responsible Property Investments (RPI) 

This business offer to Property Investment Fund Managers deals with how to make a difference with competition thanks to the implementation of Responsible Property Investment principles.



Expanding Activities Worldwide for the UN-PRI

Business Plan

Example of a strategic consulting study we made to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investments (UN PRI) to help them expand their activities worldwide and cope with their strategic development.


Our Research Papers

Dealing with Industry-wide Issues

Council Policy Options

Council Policy Options
for Sustainable Homes

Study detailing what local authorities can do to upgrade their building stock, and the impact this would have on the occupiers.



Global Value Case

Global Value Case
for Sustainable Housing

Study quantifying the positive impact sustainable housing has on an investor's portfolio and on the occupiers.



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