The UK Micro Housing Fund

High Yields, Sustainability and resolving the housing crisis

The UK Micro Housing Fund is a unique Investment Strategy offering high yields from the very beginning, and a large equity build-up materialising after a period of 10 to 12 years.

Our focus is on "Micro Housing", meaning by that smaller dwellings or dwellings in shared occupations, delivering outstanding returns.

Beside strong returns, it  delivers well above standard housing to occupiers, and integrates eco-friendly features and energy saving technologies.

Our use of off-site manufacturing technologies when dealing with new built makes it super fast and efficient to assemble, thus drastically shortening the construction time needed and lowering the uncertainty around the operation.

We present our Investment Strategy across two successive presentations. The first presentation is free, as an introduction, whilst the second one is subject to a fee.

Part 1 -  A thorough introduction covering every aspects.

Part 2 - A detailed description of what is involved and of the financial side of things.

A Solution to the Housing Crisis with High Yields and Equity Build-up

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UK Micro Housing Fund

Part 1

Introduction to our Investment Strategy and to the main features we have incorporated. This covers the financial elements and the broader picture.

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Investment fundamentals

Part 2

In this follow-up, we explain in details how we deliver the returns we are aiming at.

Quick Look at our Presentation (Part 1)

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For any information you may need, or to book a meeting to have a presentation of one of our Investment Strategies, please liaise with us at: