The Affordable Housing Fund

Sustainability with a focus on yields and immediate returns

The Affordable Housing Fund is a one-of-a-kind Investment Strategy aimed at providing investors with high yields from day 1, and then large equity build-up materialising after a period of 10 to 12 years.

Not only does it offer strong returns, it also delivers well above standard housing to low and middle income households, with a special focus on eco-friendly built and energy-saving technologies.

Finally, its use of off-site manufacturing technologies when dealing with new built makes it super fast and efficient to assemble, thus drastically shortening the construction time needed and lowering the uncertainty around the operation.

We have organised a three-fold presentation of our Investment Strategy:

Part 1 -  A thorough introduction covering every aspects.

Part 2 - Explains the financial model and is subject to a fee.

Part 3 - This part covers how to unfold the strategy on the ground and is subject to a fee.

Bridging the Gap between High Yields and Housing Issues

AHF1 CoverPage

Affordable Housing Fund

Part 1

This presentation is an introduction to our Investment Strategy. It presents our business model and its impact on our stakeholders.

AHF2 CoverPage

Investment fundamentals

Part 2

In this second presentation, we reveal the details of the Investment Strategy in great length.

AHF3 CoverPage

Unfolding the Strategy

Part 3

At that point, this is about how to implement the Investment Strategy.

Quick Look at of our Presentation (Part 1)



For any information you may need, or to book a meeting to have a presentation of one of our Investment Strategies, please liaise with us: